TV, Radio & Cinema Advertising

"Cinema, television and radio advertising can deliver massive audiences to the advertiser, whether local or
national, each now can be targeted very effectively. What's more, these are sophisticated media, offering
unique creative opportunities to build atmosphere, convey emotion and fully engage the viewer or listener."


Local advertisers love radio. It reaches the right people, in the right numbers at the right time. Car dealerships, for instance, can advertise during the rush hour and retailers can promote special offers in the run-up to the weekend.

In addition we provide proofreading , editing and design, right through to print and distribution services. We translate everything, from brochures and websites, to contracts, legal and medical documents to instruction manuals.

Local radio stations are often an important part of the community and businesses that advertise on air can benefit from that connection. Moreover, listeners are loyal and often see their favourite station as a kind of friend. That warm feeling can extend to the regular sponsors and advertisers. With frequent airing of a radio commercial and listeners tuning in for hours at a time, it is possible to build a strong presence on the radio.

The human voice is a powerful selling tool, conveying emotion and authority. Promotions and offers work well because radio drives a direct call to action to a 1300 number or directly to your website. Scripts need to be catchy and memorable, there should be a clear call to action and a good tag line or jingle.


More than 13 million people watch tv daily in Australia.

With the proliferation of channels, advertisers need sophisticated data on viewer habits and audience profiles to ensure their TV commercials are reaching the right people at the right time.

The longer you run your ad, the greater number of people will begin to remember you and potentially become your customers. Increasing awareness also helps reinforce your brand to your existing customers, reminding them of your business, and putting you top-of-mind for their next purchase.

However, TV is also a powerful strategy for a special event or promotion, and can drive a lot of customers through your door for a one-time sale. This type of advertising can use a significantly smaller budget, as long as you carefully target the market you want to reach, and create a "blitz" of ads in the few weeks leading up to your campaign.

If you would like to engage and inspire your local market with a TV commercial, local television stations do offer low-budget advertising packages for small businesses. Ads are usually transmitted outside peak time or offers on regional advertising spots.


There are more than 1250 cinema screens in Australia.

If you want to be seen on the big screen by A-B affluent high-spending young people and families in your area, you can book time locally and link your cinema commercial to certain categories of film or even specific movies.

The distinct advantage of cinema advertising is that your audience is totally captive, local and totally focused on the screen. A local ad on the big screen will be watched and absorbed by the audience without distraction.

The production cost of cinema advertisements can be surprisingly low depending on the type of campaign . Running an ad is possible form from one location to another.

Your campaign can therefore be geographically targeted and can be affordable whether it is a local business or a national brand. Digital advertising offers have now made a local commercial much more affordable than in previous years.

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